Scott Sinnett, Faculty, Department of Psychology, UH Mānoa

Scott Sinnett

Professor, Undergraduate Chair
Office: Sakamaki D408
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-6272
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During my undergraduate education I had several excellent mentors and opportunities to participate in psychological research. These experiences made me want to seek out additional research opportunities, and eventually I went to graduate school. After graduate school and during my postdoctoral fellowship I was given several teaching opportunities and the rest was history. I am now fortunate to have a career where I can conduct research and also be an educator.


  • PhD, Psychology, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain, 2006
  • BA, Psychology, University of Montana, 1998


  • PSY 100: Survey of Psychology
  • PSY 325: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 429: Experimental Psychology: Advanced Topics
  • PSY 626: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 721: Seminar in Experimental Psychology


Concentration: Cognition. Attention, perception, multisensory processing, hemispatial neglect, mild traumatic brain injury, sensory dominance, individual differences in information processing. The majority of my research focuses on human perception and attention, and addresses issues pertaining to the necessity of attention for conscious perception, and how unisensory and multisensory information is processed (i.e., integration, facilitation, or sensory dominance). Most recently my laboratory (Perception and Attention Research Laboratory) has focused on how different types of expertise, brain injury, or illness can modulate information processing. In order to address these important questions related to human cognition I use a variety of applied and laboratory based approaches, I use a variety of applied and laboratory based approaches, as well as incorporating both healthy and brain injured participants.