Diversity Committee

The Department of Psychology Diversity Committee is composed of faculty, students, and department affiliates who have interests and expertise in enhancing diversity in the field of psychology. The committee works with each of the graduate program areas and consults with the department committees about issues such as faculty and student recruitment. The goals of the committee's work include:

  1. Educating faculty and students about culture and worldview and their relationship to philosophies of knowledge and research methodology.
  2. Providing models of scholarship that are cognizant of the social context of psychological theory, research, teaching, and practice.
  3. Creating opportunities for faculty and students to examine the sociocultural implications and impact of their work.

The Department of Psychology Diversity Committee intends to improve all aspects of department operations affecting faculty, students, and staff. It also supports affirmative action policies and other recruitment and retention initiatives that promote a demographically diverse faculty, staff, and student body.

Diversity Committee Faculty Members

  • Joni Sasaki (Chair)
  • Kristin Pauker

Diversity Committee Student Members

  • Shari Brown (Chair, Course Curriculum Subcommittee Lead)
  • Amanda Vincent (Secretary)
  • Celina Herrera
  • Christine Tai
  • Daeun Suh
  • Hannah Pearson
  • Heewon Kwon (Web/Media Liaison)
  • Joanne Qina’au
  • Kalyn Holmes (Speaker/Events Subcommittee Lead)
  • Marina Matsui
  • Salena Diaz
  • Vera Umansky

Subcommittee 1: Diversity Funding and Awards subcommittee

  • Kaitlin Hill (Chair)
  • Brooke Bennett
  • Michael Juberg
  • Devin Barney
  • Emilee Turner
  • Kristin Pauker

Subcommittee 2: Diversity Events subcommittee

  • Shari Brown (Chair)
  • Spencer Choy
  • Celina Herrera
  • Katrina Obleada
  • Joanne Qina’au
  • Marina Matsui
  • Yiyuan Xu

Subcommittee 3: Diversity Online Presence subcommittee

  • Shahana Ansari (Chair)
  • Heewon Kwon
  • Joanne Qina’au
  • Devin Barney
  • Akihiko Masuda