Graduate Program Learning Objectives

These are the student learning objectives put forward by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, adapted by the Department of Psychology to ensure quality graduate student training experiences. These objectives are designed to ensure that graduates have the knowledge and skills to conduct research that is able to address needs in the wider community. The curriculum and research opportunities provided by the department are aligned with these objectives. 

  1. Develop Knowledge and Understanding:
    1. Demonstrates knowledge in one or more general subject areas related to, but not confined to, a specific area of interest
    2. Demonstrates an understanding of research methodology and techniques specific to one's field of study
  2. Application: Apply Research Methods; Use Critical Thinking Skills:
    1. Applies research methodology specific to one's field of study
    2. Critically analyzes and synthesizes information and data related to one's field of study
  3. Communicate Effectively:
    1. Proficiently communicates and disseminates information in a manner relevant to the field
  4. Conduct Responsible, Ethical Research:
    1. Conducts research or projects as a responsible and ethical professional
  5. Interact Professionally:
    1. Upholds the field's professional standards of conduct
    2. Interacts with others with integrity and professionalism, fulfilling roles as a leader, mentor, or active team member, as appropriate
    3. Demonstrates proficiency in the professional skills needed to participate in the intellectual and organizational aspects of the field
  6. Sociocultural and International Awareness:
    1. Demonstrates an awareness and understanding of sociocultural and international diversity
    2. Understands the effects of culture on psychological processes and is able to apply this knowledge in research and practice