Psychology at the University of Hawaiʻi

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Psychology at UH Mānoa. Established in 1920, our department continues to be a leader in training exceptional graduate and undergraduate students. Our department is also home to outstanding faculty whose breadth provide students with many opportunities to explore their scholarly interests.

The Department of Psychology has over 20 faculty who provide exceptional training to graduate students across three broad program areas: 1) Clinical Studies; 2) Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social; and 3) Community, Cultural, and Developmental. In addition, undergraduate students have the option of pursuing a BA or BS degree. Students can also take advantage of a hybrid online option for the BA degree, where the majority of psychology courses are completed online. The culturally diverse context of Hawaiʻi provides the backdrop for innovation, which has led to important contributions across the many disciplines of psychology. As we approach 100 years of service to the university and community, we look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence.


Please join us in offering our congratulations to Heewon Kwon, who was awarded the Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants! Heewon works with Dr. Joni Sasaki in the Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Program.

Please join us in offering our congratulations to Samuel Spencer & Dr. Akihiko Masuda in the Clinical Studies Program for their $5,000 Research Development Grant from @myACBS! Learn more about Sam's dissertation research at

Please join us in offering our congratulations to Celina Herrera, who was awarded the @GSOManoa Merit-Based Award for Excellence in Mentorship! Celina works with Dr. Ashley Maynard in the Community, Cultural, and Developmental Program. Congratulations @celinaeherrera!

Please join us in offering our congratulations to Spencer Choy, who was awarded an Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship from @APAMFP! Spencer works with Dr. Brad Nakamura in the Clinical Studies Program. Congratulations Spencer!

Join us tonight (Nov 12, 7-8 pm HST) for the third of three Self-Compassion Hour events. Speaker Sam Spencer on The Fundamental Connectedness of Humankind: Fostering self­-compassion and well-being in an uncertain world. (Register at

Join us tomorrow (Oct 29, 7-8 pm HST) for the second of three Self-Compassion Hour events. Speaker Jo Qjna'au on Compassion in Action: Applying theory to practice using activities, meditations, and movement. (Register at

Check out this article in @hawaiibusiness: "Implicit Bias: A Three-Part Report," which quotes experts in the field of implicit bias, including the Department of Psychology's Dr. Kristin Pauker!

Join us tomorrow (Oct 1, 7-8 pm HST) for the first of three Self-Compassion Hour events. Speaker Si Woo Chae on Self-Compassion: An introduction to a positive attitude toward oneself during difficulties and self­-critical moments. (Register at

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