Lorey Takahashi, Faculty, Department of Psychology, UH Mānoa

Lorey Takahashi

Professor, Honorʻs Program
Office: Biomed T701B
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-3898
Email: lkt@hawaii.edu

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I became a behavioral neuroscientist by working with interesting people in psychology, biology, and psychiatry departments. The concepts I learned from them on brain and behavioral relationships were important in formulating my work on fear, stress, and anxiety. The teaching and training of grad, postdoc, and undergrad students later led me to write on topics in textbooks that reach a broader audience of health care professionals.


  • Postdoctoral Research in Biology, Princeton University, 1982-86
  • PhD, Psychology (Psychobiology), Rutgers University, 1982
  • MA, Psychology,University of Hawaiʻi, 1978
  • BA, Psychology, University of Hawaiʻi, 1975


  • PSY 331: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSY 439: Psychobiology: Advanced Topics
  • PSY 634: Behavioral Neuroscience


A major focus of my research is to understand the neurobiology of unconditioned fear and emotional learning and memory. Endocrine, pharmacological and cellular methods are used to uncover the the key neural sites that modulate stress and fear in animal models of learned fear and anxiety. I am also very interested in broadly understanding how stress may induce a disease state in the body and brain that impacts cognitive functions.