Psychology Hybrid Online BA Degree

The Hybrid Program is a wonderful option for many students, particularly those who may need to complete their degree online while living off-island or who are trying to balance earning their degree with other responsibilities, like raising children or working. The Hybrid Program involves both online and traditional face-to-face courses. Students admitted to UH Mānoa can fulfill their major in psychology by completing the majority of their degree-specific requirements online, with only nine face-to-face PSY credits required. The Hybrid Program may not be the best fit for students who are hoping to apply to research-oriented graduate programs, such as PhD programs in psychology, as students often need research experience (i.e., PSY 499) in order to be competitive. PSY 499 experiences often require students to participate face-to-face due to the nature of the work (e.g., group collaboration, using materials provided in the lab, sensitive participant data). 

Hybrid Program Requirements

  • Students must complete nine of the required 36-37 Psychology credits face-to-face.
  • The Hybrid Program only applies to PSY degree-specific courses.
  • General Education requirements for UH Mānoa are not included in this online program. Students must complete those requirements in line with university regulations regarding face-to-face credit hours.

Enrollment Procedures

Currently, there is no formal enrollment procedure. Interested students should contact the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office to discuss whether the program is appropriate and work with one of the undergraduate advisors to ensure that they remain on track to meet the degree requirements. If you have not already declared a BA major, you will need to complete the requirements as listed for Declaring a PSY Major.


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