Psychology Minor

The Department of Psychology offers students the opportunity to earn a Minor in Psychology. Students who pursue the Minor will learn the fundamentals of psychology and have the opportunity to adapt their academic journey to their particular interests. This can also be an excellent way to advance career opportunities and increase the chances of being admitted to a graduate or professional school.

Through careful course selection, earning both a major and a minor can be completed in the traditional four years. Some students even manage to pursue more than one minor in the traditional course of study. It can be helpful to meet with an academic advisor or mentor in order to best plan a course of study. Students who have already taken some psychology courses could be in a position to complete the Minor with only a few more classes.

Minor Foundation Requirements

Students wishing to obtain a minor must complete 15 credit hours of psychology above the 100-level*, with a minimum of 9 PSY credits taken at UH Mānoa, and have a minimum 2.0 GPA in all psychology courses. Course requirements are:

  • PSY 212: Survey of Research Methods (3 - 4 Credits)
  • One course from three of the five foundation areas (9 Credits):
    • Experimental (PSY X2X), e.g., PSY 220, PSY 322, PSY 324, PSY 325
    • Psychobiology (PSY X3X), e.g., PSY 230, PSY 331, PSY 333, PSY 336
    • Developmental (PSY X4X), e.g., PSY 240, PSY 341, PSY 342
    • Social or Personality (PSY X5X / PSY X6X), e.g., PSY 250, PSY 260, PSY 352
    • Clinical or Community (PSY X7X / PSY X8X), e.g., PSY 270, 280, 371
  • One elective course at the upper division level (3 Credits)
    • This course must be 300-level or above, excluding PSY 407, 408, 4X9, and 499

*PSY 100: General Psychology is a prerequisite course for all required minor courses.

Declaring Psychology as a Minor

Once you have decided to declare psychology as a minor, it is strongly recommended that students visit the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office to discuss their interest in the Minor and check that they are on track to complete the Psychology Minor requirements.


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